Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gunny Harker

WIP: Gunnery Sergeant Harker has been on the wish list for some time now, but has for some reason been unavailable in both the local store and my Internet doll pusher. I have one now, Gunny Harker in a home made version that is.

I was working on some Melta veterans for my IG force, when I came across a head in the bit box that had SGT Harker written all over it, and from there I was tour the bits boxes to find the other pieces. I wanted to get a more action-oriented pose than the official Harker model, looking for something like this.

The bits used are:
Head: WoC Marauder Horseman
Torso, left arm & legs: Catachan Troopers
Right arm: WoC Marauder
Heavy bolter: Valkyrie doormounted HB.
Ammo feeds: Ork w40k
Ammo Box: IG vehicle
Grenades: IG Cadian Troopers

Here is the result – Note that some cleanup will be done before the model is to be primed / painted.

And the official Harker for comparison:

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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