Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dark Eldar Colour scheme

Testing is over – I have decided on a colour scheme, and I’m now ready for DE mass production. I went for a strong light blue hair to compliment the red armour. The hair sculpt on many of the new DE led my thoughts on to manga style comics and the blue hair is actual an extension of that thought.

I used Master Darksol’s DE paint guide in a modified version – You can find his guide here:

The colorus I used were:
Base - Charadon Granite
DB – Fortress Grey
HL – Space Wolf Grey
Base – Scorched Brown
DB – Bestial Brown
DB2 – Bleached Brown
Leather armour:
Base - Charadon Granite
DB – Fortress Grey
Wash – Badab Black
Plate Armour:
Base – Maghony Brown (AB)
HL1 – Maghony Brown : Scarab Red 50:50
HL2 – Scarab Red
HL3 – Blood Red
HL4 – Yellow
Other details:
Base – Dhenep Stone (Foundation)
DB – Skull White
Wash – Orgyn Flesh (light wash)
Base – Necron Abyss
DB – Enchanted blue
HL – Ice Blue
Wash – Thraka Green
Weapons – Gold:
Base – Tin Bits
DB – Shining Gold
HL – Boltgun
Wash – Devlan Mud
Weapons – Gold:
Base – Boltgun
HL – Mithril Silver
Wash – devlan Mud

I’m really looking forward to this project – So expect to see more DE on my blog soon :o) – Happy painting!

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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  1. Looking good- thanks for the painting breakdown as well.