Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paintguide: Catachan Gunny Harker

Today I’m looking at painting Harker – Showing you every step of the process from priming to the gaming table. The WIP pictures of the modelling can be found here:

Step 1: Tallarn Flesh.

I usually do flesh tones first, and this time was no different. To get a tanned look I started out with Tallarn Flesh as base colour.

Step 2: Orgyn Flesh

Orgyn Flesh was then applies over all areas of the Tallarn Flesh. I used 2 thin washes, in stead of one in order to get a smooth and even distribution on the area. Applying it in one go can some times make it difficult to avoid pools of wash.

Step 3: Tallarn Flesh Highlight

Tallarn Flesh was applied to all raised areas of torso, face and arms.

Step 4: Elf Flesh Highlight

Finally a light Elf Flesh highlight was applied on top of the previous highlight.

Step 5: Knarloc & Gretchin Green base colour.

Knarloc Green was applied to the bolter, grenades and ammo box & Gretchin Green was applied to the pants. Chaos black was used to cover areas where flesh colours were applied unintentionally.

Step 6: Boltgun Metal

Boltgun Metal was applied to the weapon and dogtag.

Step 7: Devlan Mud

Devlan Mud was washed over the pants and bolter

Step 8: Knarloc & Gretchin Highlights

Knarloc Green highlighted to the bolter, grenades and ammo box & Gretchin Green used for highlighting the pants.

Step 9: Tin Bits & Calthan Brown

Tin Bits was painted as base colour on ammo belts and Calthan Brown was applied as base for all leather items.

Step 10: Skull white

Skull white was applied to the eagle on the ammo box and the skull on the bolter

Step 11: Scorched brown & Gold

The hair was base coloured using scorched brown and gold was applied to the ammo feeds.

Step 12: Final detailing.

Black & White was used to paint the eyes and the hair was highlighted using Beastial Brown and Grave Yard Earth.


/Nicolai aka Atoom


  1. looking good, I need to use more foundation paints.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. @SC John: I can only recommend the foundation paints – They have a nice coverage and speeds the painting up, as number brush-overs are reduced. Further to that you can actually paint light colours like yellow over black.

    /Nicolai aka Atoom