Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knight Commander Pask

The ace of the Russ – Crack shot and high BS. Sounds good, but in my mind it doesn’t really make the cut, at least not in the standard Russ. In my usual games, we play 1500-1750points, and that leaves little room for 50 point upgrades on the Leman Russes that finds their way into that list…

Reason for me bringing Mr. Pask up is that I’m currently painting a vanquisher, which in my mind is the only good option for a tank ace as Pask’s special rules are related to tank hunting and the Vanquisher is the only tank hunting Russ in the IG codex.

I’m currently thinking in the lines of an IG ‘hero’ list, where I chuck as many named characters into the list as the points will allow – A list like that is likely the only time I’ll ever get to use him in a real game. I bought a 2nd hand vanquisher with a nice tank ace in the turret, but newer got around to painting it – Until now that is.

The vanquisher will follow soon.

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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