Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homemade airbrush stencils that fit any purpose.

Making a stencil that fits exactly you purpose made easy – In matter of minutes you’ll have yourself any image transferred into a stencil for painting your dolls!

Tools needed are:
  • Computer and printer.
  • Laminator & a laminating pockets.
  • Hobby knife & Scissors.
  • Airbrush, compressor and paint.
Making the stencil:
  1. Use Google picture search to find the image you want to use as stencil. Simple images like skulls and the imperial eagle are nice, simple and easy to use.
  2. Measure the area where the image is to fit, as you’ll use these measurements to scale the image.
  3. Use Powerpoint or Word to scale the picture (right click the picture and select 'Format Auto shape' after pasting it into a new document - then the size can be set using the size tab). Check my tutorial on banners for detailed info.
  4. Print the image and laminate it.
  5. Use combination of hobby knife and scissors to cut the stencil from the laminated piece of paper.

Applying & using the stencil:
  1. Use masking tape to fix it to the target.
  2. Use airbrush to apply paint.
  3. Remove stencil and enjoy the result.

I have used a brush to paint the eyes in the skull. But this could have been done using a stencil also…

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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