Thursday, March 3, 2011

Display Cabinet - Wood Elf Heroes

Yesterday was 'old stuff day' apparently… I didn’t know and that is why I missed it. Anyways, one was supposed to find something that one was proud of from the archives and show it to the world. I think that is an excellent idea, that is why I have decided to make the Display Cabinet a series of short articles about the minis from my collection that I’m really proud of.

The minis that we’re having a look at today are an entry I did for a painting competition some years back. Back then I was very fond of the Wood Elves for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, so for the combat squad category I decided to go over board and do a squad of heroes of the forest with display base and all.

The display base is made from two sheets of balsa wood that are glued together. The way-stone is a real stone I found on the beach, and the inscriptions are done with a layer of Green-stuff that allowed ne to sculpt the writing directly on the stone. This diorama suffered a grim fate, as I dropped it from the top self of the cabinet, and most of the modes got chipped. Luckily I still have the pictures of a project that took more than 50 hours to complete.


/Nicolai aka Atoom

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