Sunday, March 13, 2011

Display Cabinet - Necron Dioramas

When the Cadian plastics were released I simply had to have a box or two – For a short while the Cadians almost pushed my Catachan troopers aside, but after a while I came to my senses and returned to the jungle :o)

The Cadian trooper boxes have a lot of nicely detailed models that cry out for converting and modelling. One evening after watching “T2 – Judgement day” I felt inspired to do some man vs. machine. That inspiration led to two small dioramas where the IG grunts take on a Necron warrior. The modelling of the Necron was actually the hardest part, as the warrior model is quite static in its pose and setup.


/ Nicolai aka Atoom


  1. Love the diorama mate, especially the second one! Good work!

  2. Brilliant, mate - that second one's awesome!