Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black-lining – Quick and easy!

Just a quick tutorial on how to cut corners on black-lining – Something I personally hate, until now that is. I’m pretty sure that this is no news to many, but I’ll post it anyways, as I estimate that I save more than an hour using this technique for every tank I paint.

The tool is simply a pen! A black pen 0.1mm water based, water resistant, pigment ink pen! The pen is used to simply draw the black lines onto the tank instead of using a brush. It is easy to handle, making it fast and reducing the mistakes to a minimum.

Here are some pictures:


Now all it needs is some weathering and freehand – Something that I’ll get back to another time…

Not only is the pen good for black-lining tanks, it also works on power-armour and other minis where the recesses are clearly defined. Another use for the pen is shading freehand and drawing text, as it is much more steady than a brush (at least in my hands that is).

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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