Thursday, April 18, 2013

Display Cabinet – The Catachan Morgul Khamir

Let us open the display cabinet once more and have a look at one of my early w40k conversions. I made this for a painting challenge many years ago, wanting to kickstart a Catachan roughrider project. I wanted a bikergang, riding Space Marine bikes, so I made this one as a prototype on the gang, and that led me to abandon the thought of using the SM bike as mount for a whole unit of riders.

I remember the conversion work to be cumbersome and requiring many odd bits to make the rides stick on the bike. The legs for instance are those from a Ork wartrack. Another thing that struck me was the fact that such a large bike would have a hard time maneuvering in the jungle. So instead of making myself a whole gang of these it ended up as a one off.

I would use him as Morgul Khamir, if I was ever to field him in a battle, but that is another story…


/Nicolai aka Atoom

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  1. Definitely a cool model, but I can see how it would have been a difficult/expensive conversion to mass-produce. I agree that the bike is big, but considering the Comic-book look of Catachans already, I think it kinda fits. Very Marvel superhero in my opinion.