Monday, March 21, 2011

Display Cabinet - IG mini-dioramas

Following the release of the Cadian trooper box, I was (as mentioned earlier) very inspired by the grunts. The multipart kits inspired me to try out some modeling of scenarios that had otherwise been out of my league, as modeling metal minis will never work for me.

The first mini-diorama is titled ‘Resting Guardsman’ and was made to try to show another more peaceful side of the guard. Sitting on his backpack this trooper has taken up study of the Tactica Imperialis to kill time.

The other mini-diorama is entitled ‘The Ripper Incident’ and was made after a friend of mine gave me a ripper and started arguing how cool it would be if a poor trooper had it bursting out of him like in the movie Alien. This one had some bits from the Forgeworld veteran upgrade pack mixed with standard Cadian trooper bits.

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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  1. I really like the ripper model, its awesome! I think you can improve on the blood more, maybe blood gore or even some red baal ash to to give it abit more liquefy look.

    Thumps up from here, you have some brilliant ideas :)