Thursday, July 11, 2013

Angry Marines: Two new tacticals

Yesterday's painting session got two more angry sailors done - A hammer wielding one and one doing a clothesline on a guardsman. For those wondering what a clothesline is check Wiki out:



And then a Family Photo :)



/Nicolai aka Atoom


Monday, July 8, 2013

Angry Marines: Tactical Sergent

I've painted a Sergent for my angry tacticals. It was painted as part of the celebration of Danish wargaming board's 10th aniversory, hence the backbanner text.

Enjoy and have a nice summer!

/Nicolai aka. Atoom

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painting Copplestone Casting Miniatures for ATZ

I've been busy painting some of Copplestone's future wars miniatures for All Things Zombie.

Check out their range, they're really cool:


/Nicolai aka Atoom

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Commisar for the 3rd Tigers

So I have been painting this weekend - This time it this astonishing miniature from Mega miniatures: Commandant Swag

I really like his commanding positure – Arrogant and wearing a cap that is definitely bigger than everybody else’s. I painted this one in brownish-grey uniform, as he is going to join the Tallarn 3rd Tigers, as part of my  Al'rahem Tallarn project.




/Nicolai aka Atoom

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dawn of the Apocalypse

All Things Zombie Battlereport

Dawnhammer - Left to right: Lizard, Dave, Jake & Axel
Situation: The band DawnHammer is on tour in southern Europe. They are promoting their latest release “Dawn of the Apocalypse”. They played their opening concert at the INFERNO, and went to the nearest flea-bag motel afterwards.

Next morning (aka day zero):

Screaming tires and a loud crash wake the band DawnHammer – One minute later their manager Seth calls them. “Guys something is seriously wrong – I’m at the INFERNO, it sounds like the party us out of hand people are screaming and…” Phone is disconnected. “Something is not right here, we better go check it out – Seth sounds like he is in trouble.” Says Dave the lead singer, as he reaches into the go-bag and pulls out a Mac-10 machine pistol…



The band wakes up in the motel in the other area of town. They need to cross the town in order to reach the INFERNO in order to rescue Seth their manager. Seth has the keys to the tour bus, parked next to the INFERNO - The bus must be secured, as it contains several resources like junk food, merchadice and booze, resources that are critical to the survival of the band and their promotion tour.

There is a Possible Enemy Force (PEF) is moving in the hills behind the Gaslight Bar & Grill, something that the band is unaware of. If the PEF comes in sight of Seth, then he will call them to warn them about the PEF.

Turn 1:

Upset by the phonecall from Seth and busy distributing weapons from the go-bag the band does nothing. The loud crash that awoke the band caught the attention of the PEF, that moves forward in cover of the Pawn shop.

Turn 2:

The PEF continues forward to the source of the loud sound – It is a taxi that has crashed into some palms next to the road. DawnHammer leaves the motel room and starts moving towards the main road. Phone rings just in time to warn Dave that Seth has seen some suspicious looking people down the road.

Turn 3:

Seth tells the band that the PEF is moving into position just behind the motel. This makes the band take up positions waiting the PEF to make contact.

Turn 4:

The PEF turns the corner of the motel, and the band sees that it is two civilians – A cameraman and a reporter from local news media. Seeing that the band is armed to the teeth the media crew immediately sees a scoop and decides to join the band. The newcomers tells about a strange sight by the crashed taxi, where 3 men was killing the injured driver and the passenger.

Turn 5:

The band decides to move in cover of the woods, hoping that the woods will shield them from sight of those assaulting the taxi. Unfortunately, the move was not a success, as the group of zeds by the taxi sees them.

Turn 6:

Phone rings – It is Seth calling to tell the band that he cannot find the keys to the tour bus. Band decides to confront the men from the assault on the taxi. All band members realize that something is seriously wrong with the people approaching. Jake and Lizard has the guts to open fire. Air fills with shots from a machine pistol and a pistol – As the smoke clears all three men lies dead on the ground. “WTF! That was zombies!” Cameraman Eric shouts, “Look out! two more in the taxi”

Turn 7:

“Where is Dave?!” Confusion spreads as the Dawnhammer realizes that their lead singer seems to have disappeared.

Turn 8:

The two zombies from the taxi charges Jake, who is rooted to the spot, fearing for his life. The two zombies quickly overpower him and knocks him the ground.

Turn 9:

The band members rush in to save Jake, who seems to be out of the fight. A well placed burst from Lizards’ machine pistol kills one of the zeds and knocks the other one down. The cameraman Eric rush in, and kicks the downed zed, but unfortunately this seems to have little effect.

Turn 10:

Lead singer Dave returns, holding his cell phone: “Seth just called, there is a large group that has just left the INFERNO!” Newsreporter Julie points north: “they are not alone, I see two more groups – We need to move!” Axel picks up Jake and the groups starts to move. Cameraman Eric pulls out a gun and shoots the downed zed in the head. Sound of sirens are heard closing – The police are approaching in order to investigate the shooting

Turn 11:

Police arrives next to the motel, drawing all the attention of the advancing Zeds. One group of Zeds charge the policecar. Two Zeds are crushed under the police car, the last one is knocked to the ground. The band decides to make a break for it.

Turn 12:

Zeds move in on the policecar, forcing the officers to attempt to outmaneuver the group directly in front of their car. They succeed in the maneuver, crushing a zombie under the tires. Seth sees the police car, and dials 911, hoping to be rescued by the officers. The noise from the policecar seems to have attracted 3 zeds from the Atomic Liquor Store.

Turn 13:

The Band makes a run for it, running for cover behind the Pawn shop.

Turn 14:

Police car stops and 2 cops step out opening fire on the zombies in front of the Liquor store, killing one zombie and knocking the other two over. The shooting and noise from their car attracts another two Zeds behind the Gaslight Bar & Grill.

Turn 15:

Dave fires at the newly arrived Zeds, trying to cover the other two band members carrying Jake. Killing one, but the sound attracts another zombie just behind the police officers, who turns and fires at the zombie, killing it. All the noise from the gunfire attracts additional 3 zeds close to Dave and the media crew.

Turn 16:

Dave and the media crew opens fire – Combined pistol and machine pistol fire kills one zombie, and knocking two over, but the noise just attracts additional Zeds. So the band starts to move for the bus.

Turn 17:

Combined fire from the band and the officers clears most of the Zeds only leaving a few knocked to the ground.

Turn 18:

Police officers take down remaining Zeds in the streets around the gas light grill – Dave, Lizard and the mediacrew enter the INFERNO, surprising two zombies – Nothing Dave’s Mac-10 doesn’t make short work of.

Turn 19:

Seth is rescued from the INFERNO, while Axel discovers where Seth left the keys for the tour bus – In the ignition. Under police escort DawnHammer, the manager and the newscrew leaves the area.


After the battle:

Jake regains consciousness, and is not infected.

Lizard improves his rep.
The news crew decides to join the band, as they see this to be the perfect angle on a zombie apocalypse story.