Monday, April 11, 2011

W40k Orks – Grot cannon crew

My orks are slowly getting some paint time, and this weekend I managed to finalize the Kaboom Krew. The cannons where some I picked up in 2nd hand a long time ago and they are a mix of ork and non-ork guns. The crew for the cannons are WFB gobbos, and some bits from my bitsbox.

Thoughts on grot cannon crews: cheap, and useful if you can spare the heavy slot in your force organization. I think that this unit is just over 70 points for 3 cannons and 10 crew. That is ok for 3 high strength shots at BS 3, so I tend to have these little guys in my force. They’re usually deployed in cover, were they will remain for the entire game, or until they have annoyed the enemy enough to draw some fire (this usually breaks them…)

Da Kaboom Krew:

Banner dude, Da Chief & Da body-guard:

Ammo test dude, Da cleaner & Signal dude:

Da loaders:

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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