Saturday, April 16, 2011

Expanding the motorpool: Hellhound & Chimera

Modelling a Hellhound straight out of the box, and building a Chimera for company command or some veterans is what I have been doing the last couple of days. Lets look at the Chimera first…

I wanted a ride for company command or some veterans (depending on the list played), and I wanted it to look very different from my other 3 Chimeras that are assembled w/o any conversions or bling. The idea was to make a vehicle that was heavily loaded for a longer campaign in isolated areas, and with my army theme being Catachans I had to include a Rambo driver. The basis of this was the vehicle accessories sprue, backpacks from the hwy weapons sprue and bits from the battlefield accessories sprue.

The other tank assembled was a Hellhound – There is not much to see, but my reason for showing is to remind people to consider painting and gaming, before gluing everything in place. As you see I haven’t glued in the fuel, top cover and back hatch. Reason for that is that I need to get access to the barrels for priming and painting. Another thing not glued is the turret mounted weapon. The new Hellhound allows various variants, and if not glued, they’re interchangeable, allowing you to field e.g. a Devil Dog in stead of a Hellhound just by switching the turret weapon – No magnets, no magic :o)

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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