Friday, February 18, 2011

Manticore - Completing the missile launching tank.

So after having done the basics on the Manticore using the airbrush it was time to finish the tank off using ordinary brushing, washing and stippling.

I trimmed the brown stripes of the camo with a lighter colour, and painted details. Then I added some weathering using a large brush, stippling different shades of brown on the tracks and surrounding areas. Using some foam from a blister i added some black battle damage, and then applied some metallic to the areas to make it look like the paint had been chipped. Finally I added some freehand detailing

Here it is:

The Manticore Missile Launcher - 'HEDGEHOG'

/Nicolai aka Atoom


  1. I really like the camo scheme that you have used. Very effective. Did you do the light colour camo stripes using your airbrush? I think I may have to buy a Manticore now

  2. The light thin stripes were painted using an ordinary brush.