Monday, February 28, 2011

Bakeoff sandbag modelling

I’ve recently started looking for additional heavy weapons for the Catachans, and this time I’m going for some mortars. In my mind mortar emplacements are well prepared and dug in, so in this case I want some sand bag barriers.

Modelling sand bags is quite easy, and using a very simple approach you can get the cloth texture on the sand bags for ‘free’. I used FIMO modelling clay for this, as it is cheap and doesn’t stick to other surfaces like Green Stuff.

Making aand baking sand bag is easy:
  1. Cut a piece of FIMO in appropriate size.
  2. Shape it using a piece of cloth – That’ll leave the cloth texture in the clay.
  3. Bake it, and make sure to make a lot, a sand bag wall takes quite a few bags.
  4. Build the wall, using the biggest bags for the base and the smaller ones for the top.

Some pictures of the result:

NB! This wall hasn’t been glued, but I’m going to use PVA glue mixed with sand for gluing the bags together.

/Nicolai aka Aoom

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