Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Returning from a weekend of war…

I’m back from the tournament and what an experience! Cool people, and lots of w40k. I really has a blast, and even made 2 victories and some extremely close losses. I have added some pictures and notes from the tournament for those interrested

Game 1 Best of three vs. CSM Iron Warriors (IW) – WIN!
Mission Overview: Your forces and the enemy are attempting to capture and hold 3 important
objectives. The player that controls the most objectives at the end of the game wins the battle.

Notable Moments:
Turn 1: Managed to seize the initiative, and the shooting that followed that made a dent in the IW amour, destroying a Rhino, immobilizing a Predator, shaking a Basilisk and a Vindicator limiting the amount of enemy fire in turn 1.
Turn 2: IW holds all objectives and IW fire takes out majority of IG transporters.
Turn 3: Chaos sorcerer kills entire squad of Storm Troopers.
Turn 4: Arrival of the Veteran squad in the Valkyrie, allowing them to spray the enemy Terminators with plasma – Killing the entire unit. That marked the turn of the game, until then the IW had all objectives.
Turn 5: Random game length roll, game didn’t end, resulting in IG victory as the additional turn allowed me to seize two of the 3 objectives.

Game 2 Reversed Ambush vs. Eldar – LOSS!
Mission overview (defender): Your forces have been holed into a defensive position by an aggressive enemy war-host closing in for the kill! Luckily, you have managed to shroud your retreat by filling the air with thick, noxious fumes from the city’s old smoke vents. You must hold your ground until your reinforcements arrive to perform a surprise attack on your cocky enemies…

Notable Moments:
None – It was a slaughter, and unfortunately it was my guys who was on the receiving end!

Game 3 The Riggers vs. Blood Angels – LOSS!
Mission overview (defender): You are in control of a vital power plant but is under attack! Repel the intruders with massive firepower and surgical counterstrikes to defend the three small power stations from being rigged by enemy troops. Most importantly, you must not allow the main power converter to be destroyed by the enemy. Defend it at all costs.

Notable Moments:
Turn 5: Blood Angels assault terminators move in on the main objective, starting a huge close combat fight lasting for two rounds. Terminators  are swarmed by infantry including my company command squad. 4 terminators are killed 20+ guards loose their lives.
Turn 6: One terminator remains, company commander scores one wound with his power weapon, forcing a storm shield INV save (4+) – If it was failed then I would have won, unfortunately the save was made… In other words it all came down to one roll 50-50!

Game 4 Frontal Surge vs. Tau – WIN!
Mission overview: The location of the frontline may turn the tides for both engaging armies of this massive battle. Therefore it is crucial to your campaign that you hold your enemy at bay and surge forwards to win land. The objective of this mission is to control as many of the bands on the game board as possible. Each band represents a certain points value to each player.

Notable Moments:
None – The game started with a shootout, where Tau was quickly decimated, primarily due to unacceptable dice rolls from my opponent.

Game 5 Decoy vs. Speedy Orks – LOSS!
Mission overview (Attacker): A transport vessel carrying important data has been shot down by the enemy. The stasis chests onboard the vessel are now scattered across a large area. Use your scanners to locate the right stasis chest and secure the important data before it falls into enemy hands! The attacker must control the primary mission objective at the end of the game in order to win. If the attacker does not control the Counter the defender wins.

Notable Moments:
Turn 0: I was nominated attacker! This caught both me and my opponent flatfooted, but really made a difference for the game.
Turn 1: My shooting made a big impact on his line, destroying an deffrolla-battlewaggon, a truck and shaking some buggies.
Turn 3: Veterans in Valkyrie and storm troopers arrive from reserve and stops the orks from advancing.
Turn 5: I manage to screen the objective, and pick it up with an infantry squad.
Turn 6: The infantry squad carrying the objective runs through a wood – I assumed that victory is mine, but no! One truck remains speeding forward, unloading the orks inside. They have to make a 5” charge through the wood, to get to the squad carrying the objective. 2D6 for difficult terrain is rolled – He makes the charge & bye-bye objective.

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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