Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Old School Dark Eldar

While tidying up in the doll house I came across my old collection of W40k Dark Eldar – Unpainted and punished, but still with some useable bits and pieces. I used a couple of old warriors to get all special weapon options from a new DE warrior box – The two are relatively compatible, and the result is useable (but not price-winning).

Another thing I found was 3 old Reaver bikes – Very different in design compared to the new bikes, but still very nice. I painted one up to be used as an arena champ and I think that the other two will (eventually) end up as new bikes by combining them with spare bits from the new Reaver set or simple carry the special weapons that I didn’t mount while assembling the new Reavers.

Here are the pictures of the painted old school reaver:

Finally I came across a ton of metal dolls – Wyches, Mandrakes, Incubi, Haemonculus, Hellions and a Talos engine. The Haemonculus can be used straight out of the box, and I recon that most of the other can also be used with a little conversion using bits from the new Dark Eldar range. Right now I’m looking for bits for my Talos engine, a conversion / painting job that I’m looking really forward to…

/Nicolai aka Atoom

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